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Why use the WhatsMkt Software?

  • WhatsMkt help your company to increase your sales, improve the service tocustomer, increase loyalty and enrich your after-sales.

  • Companies in USA send offers, promotions, discounts to your entire list of customers or contacts with a single click.

  • Use your own WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business account to communicate with your customers and respond immediately by managing the response templates or automatic responses.

  • ChatBot: Surprise your clients with an active chat on WhatsApp.

  • Automate your sales quickly and efficiently.


WhatsMkt feature

Automated customer service software via WhatsApp

  • Groups
  • List of contacts
  • Shipping campaigns
  • Shipments
  • Response template
  • Auto answers
  • Reports
  • Configuration


Create, edit or delete your groups in an unlimited way, organize all your contacts or clients segmented by groups.

List of contacts

Create or import your contacts from a file in Excel, filter your contacts if they have WhatsApp, create unlimited variables example name, mail etc.

Shipping campaigns

Create, edit or delete your sending campaigns of only text, image, audio, video, pdf or a document file, report of your shipping campaigns.


Send offers, promotions, discounts and much more immediately and schedule your shipments. Shipments are from one to more contact groups.

Response template

Create, edit or delete your response template of text, image, audio, video, pdf or a document file, immediately search for your response template.

Auto answers

Create, edit or delete your auto response unlimited. Automatic reply only text, image, audio, video, pdf or a document file.


Check the reports with the details of your campaigns, and export it in an Excel file.


Set a number to receive the preview, language and a welcome greeting to your new clients.

Prices tailored to your business

Everything you need to reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

US$ 14 per Month
  • Unlimited contact groups
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited variables
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited response template
  • Unlimited auto response
  • Unlimited access 24 hours
  • Personal technical advisor
  • Expert support 24/7
US$ 124 per Year
  • Contact groups unlimited
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited variables
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Response template unlimited
  • Auto answer unlimited
  • Unlimited access 24 hours
  • Personal technical advisor
  • Expert support 24/7

Frequently asked questions 🤔

The Help Center is open every day and at all times contact our team worldwide support 24/7.

It is a software for Windows, which requires a PC with Windows 7 Operating System or higher, the installation is very simple and practical.

That's right, if you configure your WhatsApp profile your logo, name, status, etc ... will appear ...

The guarantee we give you is 100% guaranteed satisfaction, your trust and satisfaction is the first thing for us, and that is why we will help you set up and launch your campaigns guaranteeing success.

Contact a Personal Technical Advisor

No, you can only use it on a PC, if you want to have it on several PCs, you would have to acquire a PC license.

No, your entire database is hosted on your PC, you are advised to have a good anti virus.

It is not possible

It is not necessary.

We advise to comply with WhatsApp antiSpam policies, otherwise WhatsApp would block your number.

If you want to send mass mailings and not risk losing your WhatsApp number, we recommend the WhatsApp Marketing strategy in www.WhatsMkt .com

That's right, you can enter the software unlimited variables and make your personalized shipments.

Example: Hello Carlos , we already issued your receipt for OCTOBER . You can go to authorized payment centers with your code 8346832 .

That's right, you can create, edit or delete answer templates in an unlimited way, your text can include images, videos, audios, pdf, documents, all files that WhatsApp accepts.

In this way, you will quickly assist your clients and achieve a secure sale.

That's right, the messages and answers are received on the phone and can be managed directly in the software.

In WhatsMkt you can program several automatic responses in an unlimited way, answers with text, images, videos, audios, PDF, documents or any file that WhatsApp accepts.

No, we advise you to use WhatsApp Business because it uses our same technology and you can configure an absence message on your cell phone.

That's right, example:

Bold: To write in bold, wrap the text you want to highlight with asterisks. For example * text * becomes text .

Italics: To write in italics, wrap the text you want to highlight with underscores. For example _text_ becomes text .

Strikethrough: To cross out a text, wrap the text you want to highlight with virgulillas. For example ~ text ~ becomes text .

That's right.

All our customers make thousands of shipments to all their contacts, the important thing is they do not infringe WhatsApp policies.

With respect to the cut or blocking / suspension of the number of your WhatsApp, for a misuse of your WhasApp account, WhatsMkt will not be responsible.

It is not possible.

The means of payment are by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal.

That's right, the software is always in constant update.

No, the WhatsApp web platform uses the same technology that our software uses, it means that if WhatsApp updates immediately it will have it in the software.

If it is possible to be a distributor, contact the sales team for better details of the service for distributors at .

Without luck, do you have more questions?

* Important data.


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